Bridge Update #9

I received the following update from our VDOT rep this morning:

Although the December 3rd date has not been changed by the contractor, you can see our engineers assumed projection is closer to December 11th based on his response.  If we receive an updated schedule from the contractor prior to the holiday I will share with you.

He also forwarded the following update from his on-site construction supervisor:

The latest we now have from the contractor is Dec 3rd.  I still don’t feel comfortable with that and would project something closer to the 11th to get the bridge opened.  Final completion will most likely be sometime after that.

The highest risk I see at this time is placement of the stone backfill and paving.  They are making some of their tie in concrete placement today, which needs to achieve 93% strength before backfilling.  The subcontractor will probably return on Monday to begin backfilling.  Once the backfill is placed they should be ready to pave.  The last weather projection I saw indicated rain Sunday and Monday, which will hamper things – especially if it is followed by freezing weather.  Once the paving is complete they still have to install guardrail and take care of some incidental work to open the bridge.  After opening they may have some ditch work, etc. to be completed.

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Bridge Update #8

Late this afternoon I received an update from our VDOT rep:

I received another update this morning putting the open date to Dec. 3rd due to the contractor receiving push back from their subs regarding work during the holiday week.

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Bridge Update #7

Received the following update this morning:

The bridge open date has been moved to November 30th.  The contractor shows guardrail installation and sign installation that day.  If for some reason these do not get done we cannot open the bridge at that time.

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Bridge Update #6

I received the following update from our VDOT rep:

I just talked with our construction manager about the bridge opening.  Although the contractor has not submitted an update to the November 20th substantial completion date, we do not anticipate that they will meet their date this Friday.  We are requesting an updated schedule and I will share as I get the information.

The VDOT construction manager said that he expects that it will be closer to the end of this month by the time the bridge is actually open to traffic.  I will send more information as I receive it.

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Bridge Update #5

I requested an update yesterday, and received the following from our VDOT rep today:

I received some information about the schedule.  At this time, we are supposed to have a new deck pour plan as of tomorrow.  This bridge opening date at this time is November 20th but our construction staff is not very confident in that date as of right now with the deck not being poured.  The VDOT construction staff at this time is anticipating to have the bridge open by Thanksgiving but we have not received a schedule update from the contractor reflecting any date other than Nov. 20th.

I am sorry for the continuous bad news, I know it is frustrating for the residents out there to keep hearing about delays to the completion of the bridge.  I will keep you updated as I receive additional information.

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Follow Up Conversation with Dominion – Undergrounding Utilities

Neighbors –

Below you will find a Dominion Power underground project update from Steve Burns.  As with all posts on our website, there is a comment section. We encourage you to leave comments on the post vs. sending emails to the neighborhood. I moderate all submissions to make sure spambots are not automating comments on our articles.  This means there might be a delay between when you post the comment and when it actually shows up on the site (typically this is no longer than an hour or two).


Steve Burns spoke with Jessica Burtner of Dominion (“D”) Friday November 9 to get some more background and wrote these notes.

The main topic of conversation was the possibility of getting the “joint users (JU’s)” of the telephone poles / aboveground power lines to bury the cables at the same time as D. The other JU’s are CenturyLink “CL” and Comcast “C” .

In 2014 legislation passed in Virginia that encouraged D to bury power lines and allowed them via a monthly charge on all customer bills to recoup the costs over 10 years. The surcharges on the bills will start out at less than $1.00 per month and will not exceed $5.00 per month on an average bill. There is no government funding of this project. The legislation did not address anything other than power lines and the goal of the legislation was to improve electrical reliability in Virginia, not to improve aesthetics or get rid of aboveground lines. Telco and cable were not part of the legislation. Therefore, there is no mechanism similar to what D has to recoup the costs involved in burying their lines when Dominion buries theirs (unknown is whether they could simply raise their rates to recover costs).

The power line project is statewide. D has identified their highest outage areas based on multi-year data and Flordon was one of the worst offenders. The upper part of the neighborhood beyond Blackwood has the lines buried already, as does the next neighborhood down the line from Flordon. However the power travels through the aboveground lines at the entrance of the neighborhood and up Broomley/down Tanglewood and Flordon to get to the other half of Flordon and the next neighborhood down on Old Ballard, so power outages caused by those aboveground lines affect the underground lines beyond them.

The poles in our neighborhood are either owned by CL or D. C does not own any poles. Per Jessica, cable companies business model is to piggyback their lines on the poles of the power and telco companies, they pay a fee to the pole owner. When D buries lines that CL or C are still on, those entities will be completely responsible for pole maintenance afterwards.

D has been working on a contract with the other JUs relating to burying all JU lines since (early?) 2014. They originally were hoping to be done already but now they are hoping to be done late next year. The negotiations are complicated because there are contractors involved (eg, D has their own contractors they are paying  that would have to be in any negotiation, what contractor do the JUs use, whose equipment, how are the costs shared, legal considerations,  etc.). Complicating matters further, the lines owned by CL and C do not react to fallen trees like the high voltage power lines–frequently (according to Jessica) you will see trees leaning on phone lines or cable lines without power lines–the telco and cable companies won’t necessarily address this if it is not affecting service. The power company does have to address it . So the motivations diverge in that regard as well.

Another complicating factor is that even if the JUs did reach a blanket agreement to cooperate on burying lines, the other JUs (CL and C in our case) would have the ability to opt out of any individual project in a given neighborhood. So, there is a possibility that if Flordon does not get the requisite easements to go ahead with the project and waits for a JU deal among all the parties, and a deal then does happen (say next year), it could turn out that CL and C opt out of burying their lines in Flordon for whatever reason (economics, etc.) and Flordon could wind up with a power only project anyway.

If the JUs did participate, each utility would need to have their own conduit to bury their lines. The type of conduit D uses is different than the type the other two utilities use. This complicates the ability of D to put in conduit for the other utilities while they are doing their own (which they won’t do in any event because they are legally  not responsible for them and they wouldn’t pay for them), making it easier later for those utilities to come in and insert their cables into the already laid conduit.

I asked Jessica to assess the odds of the neighborhood approaching the other JUs and getting them to cooperate on the Flordon project, even to the point of the neighborhood supporting the funding. Her opinion was that it would be a futile exercise and has all of the complications of the contract negotiations D is already having with the other parties.  If they did agree to do the project, they would have to do it separately since there is no multi party contract in place.

Regarding the project itself:

  • Virtually all affected homeowners have been contacted at this point–48 easements are required.
  • No deadline for responses has been set yet
  • If 100% of easements are obtained, the project would go into pre-construction phase–crews would visit each affected homeowner, locate existing underground infrastructure to avoid damage, etc.
  • The construction phase would follow next–the goal would be to start this in Q3 2016 and finish in Q4 2016.
  • The construction itself would only take a few weeks.
  • Base depth of the conduit will be 36 inches underground, service drops from transformers to individual homes will be 24 inches.
  • After construction is done the restoration phase occurs (eg ground repair, etc.).
  • If a FEW easements are not obtained, D will attempt to do a workaround with surrounding properties to see if they can still get the project done (eg, by going across the street for a stretch to avoid the property that did not provide the easement; of course this would require a different easement from the owner across the street).
  • If more than a few easements are not obtained at any point in the process, D will suspend the project.

Regarding the scope of projects, there are 100’s in Jessica’s area alone (Charlottesville/Albemarle, extending down 81 towards Lexington, etc.) . Projects are characterized as subdivisions, short taps, long taps, etc. There are 5 subdivisions in Charlottesville/Albemarle targeted. If the project is not done now, it will be revisited eventually but she could not guarantee whether it would be next year or years from now. Our neighborhood made the list because it is highly outage prone.

Jessica commented that she completely understands the desire to bury all lines for efficiency, lack of disruption, and aesthetics. Unfortunately D has to look at the project through the lens of power reliability improvement only.

She has offered to return to the neighborhood with others for another meeting and/or to have conversations with affected property owners.

Here is her contact information:

Jessica D. Burtner
Dominion Virginia Power
Electric Distribution Underground
Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Office: (434) 972-6752
Cell Phone: (540) 290-0693

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Bridge Update #4

I received the following update from our VDOT rep today when I asked the status:

I was just planning on sending updates as things change.  I can tell you that I spoke with the inspector yesterday and they are scheduled to pour the concrete deck tomorrow with a backup date on Saturday.  Other than that, nothing has changed.

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Bridge Update

The following update was received from our VDOT rep today:

I talked with our construction engineer this morning about the Broomley Road Bridge project.  The contractor has now submitted a schedule that shows a substantial completion date of November 13th.  This is the date that he is planning for opening the bridge.

In discussing with our construction staff, they believe this date is possible if everything goes perfectly, which it has not been the case so far on this project and why the contractor is late.  As far as their contract, after October 30th the contractor goes in to disincentive stage and starts to lose money and after November 16th, if the project is not complete, the contractor starts paying liquidated damages.

I asked the construction engineer to keep me on the weekly distribution list so I can provide updates to you on a weekly basis at this point since we are nearing the end of the project and because it is late.

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Dominion Strategic Underground Project


Dominion Power is working on a Strategic Underground project in the Flordon Subdivision to convert the existing overhead power lines to underground.  This project will improve the reliability of your service by reducing outages and restoration times follow a major weather event.

I will be hosting an open house on Monday, November 2nd from 3:00-6:00 in the evening.  I would like to invite you to come by during these hours to look at the preliminary design, discuss any necessary easements required on your property and to have any questions regarding the project addressed.  The open house will be held on the front lawn of the Burn’s residence located at 980 Tanglewood Rd., Charlottesville.

Here is a link to a brief video that gives further detail on the Strategic Underground Program.  I encourage you to watch the video prior to the open house, as I believe it will answer a lot of your basic questions regarding the project.

I look forward to seeing you on November 2nd and please feel free to give me a call with any questions.

Thank you,

Jessica Burtner
Office: (434)972-6752

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Open House


Please join us for an Inside Ivy Garden Party!  We are so grateful to Mary Anne Burns for volunteering her lovely yard for a garden party!

Grab a bottle of wine, a small plate of food or dessert to share and come over for a relaxed evening of neighborly fun!  

Location: The Burns’ House in Flordon

Address: 980 Tanglewood Road

Date: November 5th

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Relax by the outdoor fireplace, admire the beautiful landscape and meet your neighbors!  Overall the evening will be fun for the whole family and it’s surely a party that shouldn’t be missed!

Please RSVP to by November 1st.  Please also feel free to pass this invitation along to other neighbors in case I do not have their email address.

Hope to see you there!

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