VA Garden Week – Flordon Garden Tour

Flordon Garden Week Pic

Historic Garden Week is coming to the Flordon Neighborhood on Sunday, April 24th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On behalf of the Rivanna Garden Club, we would like to thank all the Flordon neighbors for your generous support, patience and contributions to Historic Garden Week 2016. We would like to especially thank the Brown, Moga, Granville, Burns, and Heiner-Atwood families for opening their beautiful homes and gardens for this event.

Tour proceeds fund the restoration and preservation of more than 40 of Virginia’s historic public gardens and landscapes, a research fellowship program and a new partnership with Virginia State Parks.

The following are a few reminders:

  • Tickets must be purchased prior to the event or at the UVA Foundation Parking Lot, located in the Boars Head Complex. Tickets will be sold at Kenny Ball Antiques, Caspari, The Virginia Shop, The Senior Center,Boars Head Inn Store
  • NO tickets will be sold in Flordon the day of the tour or at any of the tour houses
  • There will be NO parking on the Flordon Roads, including Broomley, Tanglewood, Flordon, Blackwood, or Woodberry. This is to help with traffic control. It has also be mandated by the Fire Marshall. CAR WILL BE TOWED!
  • All visitors will be bussed from the UVA Foundation parking lot to Flordon. Busses will travel in a circular pattern to houses and gardens. If you are traveling in and out of Flordon PLEASE watch out for the visitors.
  • There will be people checking cars entering Flordon at the bridge and Woodberry Road. Hostess cars may only park in designated neighbor’s driveways but NOT on the street!

Thank you again – YOU’ALL ARE THR GREATEST!

If you have any questions, please call or email me (Dana Henderson).

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