Bridge Update #11

Update from VDOT:

We met with the contractor earlier this week and I did request that they work as much night or weekend work that they could to get the bridge open to traffic.  At this point the remainder of the work will be completed by three subcontractors.  The paving is scheduled to start tomorrow, and be complete on Friday.  The guardrail is scheduled to start on Saturday.  I did ask that they try and get the guardrail contractor to work on Sunday also.  The pavement markings and signs will be done at the same time as the guardrail.  I expect to see weekend work but do not necessarily expect to see night time work.

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3 Responses to Bridge Update #11

  1. Rob Cross says:

    Thank you for all you are doing John. We all really appreciate it!

    I was floored by the low amount of the liquidation damages. In my experience that would be nothing but a nuisance to a project like this and not an incentive at all to get their act together. I am very disappointed in this from a VDOT/Joel perspective and very appreciative of your time in advocating for us.

    • John Going says:

      Rob –

      Yes, I got a chuckle out of the “liquidated damages” daily amount. I bet their total daily overtime rate is higher than the liquidated damages amount ($1,000 daily); this explains why there was not a lot of overtime work.

      Glad the bridge is finally open!

  2. Lora Baum says:

    Any additional updates for a real completion date? I’m hosting an event on Tuesday 12/22 and don’t know what to tell people about the bridge.

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