Bridge Update #10

Neighbors –

I received the following update from VDOT this evening:

I just got out of a meeting with our construction staff and I expect a new two week look ahead later today or tomorrow but we do expect another change in completion date. 

The conversation we had today was that final paving is scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week.  The next critical item prior to opening the bridge is getting the guardrail installed and that will occur right after the paving is complete, Saturday at the earliest.  Guardrail installation is probably a two day time period and I am not sure if the contractors sub will be willing to work on Sunday.  From now until Thursday, when the paving is scheduled, they need to complete stone base work and grading work. 

They also need to complete pavement marking work and sign installation but I don’t think we need to further delay opening the bridge to traffic for that work since we can probably use temporary markings and signs to get the bridge at least open to traffic.  With all those things and a pretty good look at the weather, the bridge should be open on the 16th or 17th of December and no later than the end of next week.  The VDOT construction staff feels confident that we can achieve that date and we will do everything we can to allow the contractor to open earlier if it can be done safely.

I would also like to share with you what action VDOT is taking on the contractor due to the excessive delay in the completion of the project.  At this time the contractor is responsible for liquidated damages which he is being charged about $1000 per day past the October 30th date.  In addition, VDOT will consider taking this contractor off the potential bidder list for future contracts.  I know that doesn’t help you now but it may help in future projects.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience of the extended closure of this bridge.

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