Bridge Update #9

I received the following update from our VDOT rep this morning:

Although the December 3rd date has not been changed by the contractor, you can see our engineers assumed projection is closer to December 11th based on his response.  If we receive an updated schedule from the contractor prior to the holiday I will share with you.

He also forwarded the following update from his on-site construction supervisor:

The latest we now have from the contractor is Dec 3rd.  I still don’t feel comfortable with that and would project something closer to the 11th to get the bridge opened.  Final completion will most likely be sometime after that.

The highest risk I see at this time is placement of the stone backfill and paving.  They are making some of their tie in concrete placement today, which needs to achieve 93% strength before backfilling.  The subcontractor will probably return on Monday to begin backfilling.  Once the backfill is placed they should be ready to pave.  The last weather projection I saw indicated rain Sunday and Monday, which will hamper things – especially if it is followed by freezing weather.  Once the paving is complete they still have to install guardrail and take care of some incidental work to open the bridge.  After opening they may have some ditch work, etc. to be completed.

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One Response to Bridge Update #9

  1. Kevin says:

    Just back from a week abroad and I see the bridge is still not open and ANOTHER deadline has been missed.

    I thought that the contractor had huge financial disincentives that kicked in back in October. What is the status of those at this point? Is the contractor losing significant money on this project, or has the city/county waived those provisions for whatever reason? I certainly haven’t seen much that looks like a sense of urgency…

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