Bridge Update

The following update was received from our VDOT rep today:

I talked with our construction engineer this morning about the Broomley Road Bridge project.  The contractor has now submitted a schedule that shows a substantial completion date of November 13th.  This is the date that he is planning for opening the bridge.

In discussing with our construction staff, they believe this date is possible if everything goes perfectly, which it has not been the case so far on this project and why the contractor is late.  As far as their contract, after October 30th the contractor goes in to disincentive stage and starts to lose money and after November 16th, if the project is not complete, the contractor starts paying liquidated damages.

I asked the construction engineer to keep me on the weekly distribution list so I can provide updates to you on a weekly basis at this point since we are nearing the end of the project and because it is late.

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