Bridge Update

Our VDOT rep sent the following bridge update:

I requested an update on the status of the Broomley Road Bridge this week and was provided the following information:

  • The latest update to the schedule that the contractor submitted shows a substantial completion date of November 9th.  As of Tuesday, it is my understanding that the contractor has made a request for that extension.  The current early substantial completion was October 15th and scheduled substantial completion is October 30th.  So it looks like the bridge will be opened on November 9th which is 9 days late.  The final completion date is still November 16th.  I didn’t ask for information on the contractors incentive for early completion but it appears he will not get any incentive and this may even put him into liquidated damages on the contract.

This is not the news I wanted to hear on this project and I apologize for the delay.  I know the residents are anxious to get that bridge back open and frustrated with the detour.  I will send updates as I receive them or as requested.

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