Bridge Update

Broomley Road Bridge

Below you will find a construction update from our VDOT rep:

There is a substantial completion date on the contract and a final completion date.  The substantial completion date is when we open the new bridge to traffic and the final is when all project elements have been completed and we close out the project.  The users of the bridge would be more interested in the substantial completion date since that is when you can use the new bridge and stop using the detour.

Back in November 2014, we indicated that the bridge should be open to traffic in late October and the project complete in November.  The contractor has a monetary incentive to be substantially complete on October 15th and that is his scheduled date to open the bridge to traffic.  The contractor will start being penalized if the bridge is not opened to traffic as of October 30th.  Although our contractor is still planning to have the bridge open by October 15th, our VDOT staff is less confident about that date and says they believe the bridge opening date may be closer to the latter half of October but not later than October30 that is stated in the contract.  Our VDOT staff says it is still possible to have the bridge open on October 15th but there is a lot of work to do.

Either way, everybody agrees that the bridge will not be open any later than the end of October and final completion by November 16th.  I will stay on the optimistic side and believe that the contractor can still hit our October 15th date to open the bridge.

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