Snow Removal



Albemarle County roads are maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). However, the roads in Flordon (Flordon, Broomley and Tanglewood) are private and maintained by us via the Flordon Road Maintenance Committee.  If you want your driveway plowed you'll need to contract a snow removal service.  The following is a list of vendors who offer snowplow services in Flordon:

  • Mr. Hauley – (434)531-4807
  • Jeff Shifflett – (434)987-0079 (Father); Jeffrey Shifflett – (434)987-4055 (Son)
  • Contact Karen at  Her husband and brother (Travis and Trevor) offer driveway clearing in Flordon
  • Zeke Galvin – (434)953-9116
  • Jorge Llamas – (434)-987-1915


Article Updated – 1/27/16

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