Route 29 and Hydraulic Big Box Proposal

Recently, a flyer about Costco and the Stonefield Development was inserted into some of the Flordon Neighborhood mailboxes (click the following link to see the flyer: Costco Flyer).  Dennis Rooker, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, contacted us about the flyer.  His comments follow:

You may have received the attached flyer, so I wanted to provide you with information about it.

There is  a “campaign” of misinformation against the Stonefield application for minor plan variations and it appears to me to be being waged by other developers.  Attached is a flyer which directs people to an online petition.  Note the flyer doesn’t identify who created it.  The website referenced at the bottom of the online petition misspells Albemarle.  The developer of Stonefields is from South Carolina, not New York.  There is no increase in traffic resulting from the variance application being brought to the board.  Costco pays about double (over $20 an hour and full benefits for all employees) than the compensation being paid by comparable retailers in the area.  It is regularly considered one of the best companies in the world to work for.  A fifth year cashier makes about $48,000 per year.  The developer of Stonefields is from South Carolina, not NY.  This is not a rezoning; it is a minor plan variance that among other things allows for a wide pedestrian walkway on the north section of the plan.  The plan for Stonefields was approved in 2003.

The variations requested would not increase the commercial square footage at all, in fact they are proposing far less than they were approved for in 2003.  A large retail user is allowed under the current plan, so no variation is needed for this. The variations are matters of location and design. The variations result in a plan that has less traffic than the plan without them.  The variations as to size, location and mass have already been approved by our Architectural Review Board.

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