Ivy Fire Rescue Station

The new Ivy Fire Rescue Station located on Kirtley Rd (next to the Volvo dealership) is scheduled to open 7/1/13. Thanks to Albemarle County Fire Chief – Dan eggleston – for answering all my questions about the new station.  Chief Eggleston was quick to respond and gave thorough responses.  Chief Eggleston also copied in the Volunteer Chief at Ivy – Bob Larsen, who also contributed to the discussion. Below you’ll find the Q&A.

  • When did construction begin – Construction/renovation began about a year ago.  Planning and budgeting began about three to four years ago.  An Ivy Fire Rescue Station has been in the County’s Comprehensive Plan for about 15 years.  The two major goals for the station are to:  support the County’s Land Use policy by providing a higher level of fire rescue services in the develpment area west of the City (i. – Neighborhood 6) and to address service needs to Ivy, the most densely populated rural area.
  • When will the new fire station open? – July 1, 2013.  However, the daytime ambulance (operating 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., M-F) will begin operating out of the station very soon.
  • What is the existing service time for the Flordon neighborhood, and what will it be after the new fire station is open? – The response time is roughly 20-minutes. This is mainly due to detaouring around the Broomley Road Bridge via West Leigh. The bridge is planned to be replaced.  The ambulance response times will be lower because the ambulance can cross the bridge.
  • Is it referred to as a fire house, a fire station or some other name? – We refer to the station as a Fire Rescue Station mainly because the station will provide an all-hazard response (fire, EMS, rescue, hazmat).
  • How many response vehicles will there be at the new fire station and what type? – There will be a fire engine – See below – with new foam technology and an ambulance.  At the moment the ambulance will only operate 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., M-F.

  • How many staff members will be at the new fire house?  Of those, how many are full-time and part-time? – At the moment, we have 15 career staff and about 18 volunteers assigned to the station.  This will allow us to staff the fire engine with a three person cross trained crew (fire fighter and paramedic) 24/7 and the ambulance staffed with a 2 person cross trained crew 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., M-F.
  • Do you know any historical information about the building you all took over?  – Chief Larsen – The Transitional Hospital, brick building facing Ivy Rd., and the warehouse were aquired from the Kirtley family on a long-term agreement that at close will transfer the property to UVA.  The structure we are in was first a beverage distributorship and then with their move to the valley, Monticello operated its warehouse and mail order catalog from the location.  The UVA Health System maintained a warehouse operation for hospital and ambulatory location supplies until last summer.  The long term use is in discussion but as Chief Eggleston notes, the current thinking would be additional off site offices for those who support the non-care provider aspects of the health system.  The brick building of Ivy Road was a real estate office and I understand Mrs. Kirtley was the first female licensed real estate broker operating as the principal in the business in the greater Charlottesville area.
  • Is the fire station part of the existing structure, or did you tear it down and start from scratch? – This is a joint project between UVA and Albemarle County.  The building is owned by UVA.  We are renovating a section of the existing structure and are leasing it back from UVA.  UVA plans to renovate the remainder of the building and use it for office space.
  • Will there be a light at the intersection of Kirtley and 250? – We are planning for a light, but we are bogged down at the moment with VDOT.
  • Do you have any renderings that you can share? – Click here to see the rendering provided by Chief Eggleston.  We went with a modified version of option D.  There were some slight changes to the floor plans and exterior.  The station number is 15, not 14.
  • How do fire departments rank a station with regards to the type of fires they can handle?In other words, will this station handle all fires within an XXX radius, or will they be assisted by another department? – The station will respond to any incident (fire, EMS, rescue, hazzmat) in their first due area (we will post the district to our website when it’s finalizzed).  Our Fire Rescue Department in Albemarle involves a network of stations that will respond as a system depending on the type of call.  For example, using a house fire adjacent to the station, we will dispatch the Ivy station, the Crozet station and the Seminole Trail station along with an on-duty battalioin chief.
  • Will the fire station located on the East side of the bypass (currently in a temporary structure) remain after the new firehouse at Kirtley is opened? – The station on the East side of the bypass is a City of Charlottesville station that will soon relocated to Fontaine Ave.  The temporary station and quarters will be removed from the site.
  • Does the station have a Captain and, if so, who is that? – The station will have a Captain on each shift responsible for his/her crew.  Chief Larsen is the volunteer chief for the station (hightest rank) and would be your point of contact.
  • How much did the new fire station cost? – The overall budget for the station which includes the station renovation, site work, fire engine, ambulance, fire equipment, EMS equipment, turnout gear and uniforms is slightly over $3 million.  Because this is a new addition to the department, we purchased additional new apparatus and equipment.
  • Once the fire station opens is it possible for parents to bring their kids by for any tours?  If so, is there a better time/day? – Chief Eggleston – Family and children are welcomed.  We are planning an open house probably sometime lat July.  This will allow us to work out any small issues ahead of time. Chief Larsen – Meeting our call requirements will most certainly find a need for adjustments in the first month of operation, plus we have one of our volunteers getting married in late July, so I suspect a formal open house to take place in August.  our intention is to hold a Saturday morning breakfast for the community to drop by, view the equpment/station, meet the crew for the fire station as well as enjoy some fire educational events.
  • Do you all need volunteers?  If so, how can someone express interest? – Chief Eggleston – Yes, we do need volunteers.  We want to begin staffing the ambulance 24/7 and additional volunteers will help us achieve this goal.  I would have them contact Chief Larsen at RCL5S@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu. Chief Larsen – I’d suggest a post to our county recruitment site.  Clicking on Ivy Station 15 will provide some additional information related to the station.  We currently have 18 volunteers who are either fully released or in a particular phase of release and training.  Each of those 18 have completed a fire academy that has been over 130 hours in length covering a multitude of educational modules over 7 months.  While 25% live in the role area, some work close to the station or in one case, attend UVA.

Thanks to both Chief Eggleston and Larsen for their quick and detailed responses!  If you have additional questions or feedback please leave them in the “Comment” box below this post.

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