Safety Message from Albemarle County School District

Update – 3:10 p.m. – Albemarle County School District issued the following updated message:

Good Afternoon Albemarle County Schools Families and Employees:

I want to thank all of you and our community members for an immediate response to our telephone message.

This afternoon, a man fitting the description provided earlier stopped by the Police Department to talk with officers. His description and his vehicle description matched those given to us by students and parents in the area. He is a college student here from Texas with a group of three other individuals. They work for the company Southwestern Advantage and sell educational books. The group is properly licensed to solicit in Albemarle County.

We greatly appreciate the vigilance of those who reported this incident, and we thank the Albemarle County Police for their rapid response and excellent work to keep our children safe.


Albemarle County School District issued the following Urgent Safety Message:

Good Afternoon Albemarle County Schools Families and Employees:
We have received information about an occurrence at a bus stop yesterday afternoon that I would like to share so that all families and staff are aware, and so that parents /guardians can be vigilant and discuss bus stop safety with their children.

Yesterday when a student got off his bus and approached his home, a white Chevrolet HHR Wagon with Texas license plates was in his driveway. A man got out of the vehicle and told the student he wanted to get to know the families in the area and asked what other houses on the street had children.

It turns out that the man had also knocked on doors of other houses in the Keswick area with a similar story—wanting to get to know families with children.

His parents notified the police and Albemarle County Schools has been working in cooperation with the Police to investigate this matter.

The man was a white male in his late 20s or 30s, about 5’ 11,” with a scruffy beard, brown hair (but balding), and carrying a sort of brief case. At one house he even attempted to flash some sort of badge or ID.

We are grateful that nothing more happened with this incident, and we just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware – and we urge you to be vigilant today.

Please discuss safety plans with your child this evening on how to handle any strange occurrences that could happen when traveling to and from school.

If any student/family has information about this incident (or any other unusual occurrence at a bus stop), please notify the police immediately.




Matthew Haas

Assistant Superintendent

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