Broomley Road Bridge Replacement

Update – 10/29/12 – The 10/30 design review meeting mentioned below has been canceled.  You can access the VDOT release here.  When VDOT releases a reschedule date I will update this page.

Update – 11/20/12 – The new design review meeting date is Thursday December 20, from 5-7 p.m. at Murray Elementary School.

Replacing the Broomley road bridge has been under consideration for at least seven years, and it set to become a reality in 2015. There are several issues with the existing bridge, but the primary reason for replacement is it can’t bear the load of emergency vehicles.  Currently, if there is a fire in the Flordon neighborhood the fire department dispatches from Crozet, turns left on Owensville, takes a right on Old Ballard and follows that in to Broomley.  We are not able to take advantage of closer fire stations, like the one east of the bypass on 250 or the firehouse being built on Kirtley.

I recently spoke with Dennis Rooker, a member and former chair of the Board of Supervisors, about the new bridge.  Dennis has been actively involved in the process since the beginning and has been instrumental in getting the funds set aside for the bridge.  Dennis shared design renderings, VDOT brochures and Letters.  Here are the questions I asked along with answers from Dennis or the materials he shared:

  • Has the design been finalized? – The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has scheduled a Design Public Hearing for the bridge replacement project to be held on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, ,from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Murray Elementary School, 3251 Morgantown Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903. The purpose of the meeting is to allow interested citizens the opportunity to review preliminary plans for the proposed bridge improvements on Route 637, Dick Woods Road, ,and Route 677, Broomley Road.  The meeting will be informal open house format with no formal presentation.  Representatives from VDOT will be available to answer questions and receive both verbal and written comments.  For more info click Here to see a letter Dennis forwarded from Brent Sprinkel, Culpeper District Project Development Engineer.
  • What is the width of the new bridge? – The design renderings show the interior width to be 30 feet and will accommodate two cars at a time.
  • What is the schedule? – The following is from the VDOT brochure found Here:
    • Public Hearing – October 30, 2012
    • Public Comment Period Ends – November 9, 2012
    • Right of way acquisition and utility relocation – July 2013
    • Construction Advertisement – December 2014
    • Construction Start – April 2015
  • Is this a county or state project– This is a state project, BUT since Broomley road is a secondary road, the county shares a portion of the expenses.  The bridge will be funded with a combination of county and state funds as well as federal bridge money.  Estimated Costs:
    • Total Cost – $4,677,092
    • Engineering of Roadway Plans – $760,000
    • Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation – $808,574
    • Construction – $3,108,518
  • Is Buckingham Branch Railroad(BBR) paying anything and have they given permission? – BBR is not paying anything towards the new bridge. They have given approval. As an aside, BBR owns the current bridge, but the new bridge will be owned by the state.
  • How will traffic be detoured during construction – From the VDOT brochure, the detour route will be Route 677 (Old Ballard Road) to Route 676/678 (Owensville Road) to Route 250 (Ivy Road).
  • How long will construction last? – VDOT anticipates construction will last seven months.
  • What type of bridge is being installed? – The bridge will be replaced with a single-span steel truss bridge with minimal approaches constructed to tie in to the new bridge.  The new bridge will meet current design standards and will be capable of carrying all legal loads.  I made copies of the design renderings.  If you would like to see them please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.
  • Does the state have any 3D renderings of the bridge – No
  • Does the state have all the right of ways needed? – The new right of ways have been taken into account in the budget figures listed above.
  • Will a guardrail be added to the North side of the bridge along Old Ballard Road? – During the October design public hearing we can make suggestions, and this would be a good one for us to submit because of the steep drop-off from Old Ballard.

If interested, the county has a 6-year road plan found here. The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has a separate priority list for federal funds found here.

If you have comments, concerns or suggestions please consider attending the October 30th design review meeting at Murray Elementary School.

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  1. Steve Burns says:

    John, I would like to see the renderings, thanks. How should I do it? Steve

  2. jgoing says:

    Steve, I will drop them by tonight or tomorrow morning. When finished let me know and I will pick them up so others can review. Thanks!

  3. Dave Granville says:

    John, We would be interested in seeing the renderings as well and could pick them up whenever they are available again. Thanks! Dave

  4. Peggy Gilges says:

    ‘curious to know, how much wider will the new bridge be than the current bridge? Will the bridge be at the same height over the RR tracks as the current bridge?

  5. John --- I also would like to see the renderings if possible. I would also like to know the answer to the question regarding the height of the proposed new bridge compared to the existing bridge and how exactly it would tie into the current roads. Thanks, says:

    Your message…

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