County School Redistricting Possibilities

The County has appointed 20 representatives to a Redistricting Committee established to consider options to eliminate or prevent over capacity at multiple county elementary schools.

There will be two subcommittees with one addressing overcrowding at Agnor-Hurt Elementary (100 students beyond capacity), and the other reviewing current enrollment and future needs at four elementary schools in the Western Feeder Pattern (WFP):  Brownsville, Crozet, Meriwether Lewis and Murray (this is the public elementary school for the Flordon neighborhood).

The WFP subcommittee has several options under consideration:

  • Overcapacity at Meriwether Lewis – currently, about 50 students over capacity
  • Future Redistricting of students among the four WFP schools
  • Red hill Elementary School as a possible destination for WFP students – (36 “seats” phase 1 renovation and possibly 80 more in phase 2)
  • Possibility of constructing building additions at one or more schools

The first committee meeting is this coming Tuesday (10/2/12) beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the County Office Building on McIntire Road (Room 241).

During the process, the subcommittee will consider issues such as:

  • Enrollment data and projections
  • Transportation impacts
  • Student demographics
  • Educational equity
  • Long-range planning and capital needs

Both committees will send their recommendations to our Superintendent – Dr. Moran – to review.  She makes a recommendation to the School Board in February, they will hold a public hearing in March and a decision is made in April. Here is the full timeline from the county’s website:
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One Response to County School Redistricting Possibilities

  1. John Going says:

    On 10/19 the Redistricting Advisory Committee sent the following update:

    Good Evening:

    As the chair of the redistricting advisory subcommittee that will make recommendations to the Superintendent for the western part of our county, I want to report to you on our progress so far.

    We have met twice and still are in the information-gathering phase. Our focus is on reviewing current and projected enrollments and residential growth as well as analyzing building capacities. Some neighborhoods have been identified to help us begin our study, and we are in the process of developing options for short and long term scenarios. At a public meeting that will be scheduled for December, our subcommittee will detail the options they are recommending, and you will have the opportunity to learn about each idea and provide your comments.

    Early next year, a proposal will come before the School Board for a public hearing, at which you again can offer your views. Any changes approved by the Board will not go into effect until there is a transition plan in place for families that will be moving to a new school, and any such changes would not take effect until the 2013-14 school year.

    One school in our feeder pattern, Meriwether Lewis, has been determined to be beyond program capacity for student enrollment. At our October 16th meeting, the redistricting subcommittee began discussion of the school’s data and potential solutions.

    Our subcommittee is also looking at data for Brownsville, Crozet, Murray and Red Hill elementary schools. Included in this review is the possibility of an addition to Crozet that has been proposed for the 2016-17 school year. We are taking this regional, long-term approach because the Western Feeder Pattern has the strongest anticipated growth projections for our county.

    The next meeting of our subcommittee is Tuesday, October 30, at Murray Elementary School. I invite you to visit a special page on our website for a list of parents who are representing you on the subcommittee, to find up-to-date information on the subcommittee’s work, and to read the minutes and review the data from all meetings. The web address is

    As we work through this process, your input is welcome, and I hope to see you at our public meeting in December.

    Dr. Matt Haas

    Western Feeder Pattern Redistricting Subcommittee

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