Zoning Notice #82 – Special Use Permit

Albemarle County Zoning Notice #82

Albemarle County is required to post public hearing notices on properties which are the subject of an application for certain actions that need Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, or Board of Zoning Appeals review.

Recently, the county posted a Zoning Notice #82 yard sign along Broomley Road close to 250 (see image above).  The county created a searchable database on their website to help you find out what might be going on related to a public notice sign you have seen, or a project you have heard about.  You can find the website by clicking here.

This specific notice deals with a Special Use Permit (SUP) request for Regents School of Charlottesville.

I recently spoke with Christopher Perez, a Senior Planner assigned to this SUP.  Here are the questions I asked along with answers:

  • What is the current Zoning of this property? – CO which stands for Commercial Office
  • Is this a proposed re-zoning? – NO proposed rezoning
  • Will this be a permanent re-zoning of the property, or will it just be for the tenant? The current procedure which is going on for this property is a “Special Use permit”…currently the property is zoned CO – Commercial Office…the proposed tenant of that building (Regents School of Charlottesville) would like to locate a “private school” in the existing vacant building to educate 60 students, however the current zoning CO does not permit the use of private school by-right rather only through a Special Use Permit process which has to go through County review/ approval it must go through two public hearings: one at the Planning Commission (PC) level and on the Board of Supervisors level.  During this review the county can impose any conditions of approval needed to assure the facility will be safe and be properly located…also during this time if the county does not feel this use of a school is a good fit for this building, we can deny it.The 1st public hearing, the one at the PC level will be held on August 21…you are more than welcome to attend. The Board of Supervisors level public hearing will be on Sept 5th, you are also more than welcome to attend.
  • What does By Right mean? Uses that can be approved administratively by the staff because the zoning ordinance allows it.
For further information you can read the County’s “Planning & Zoning 101” document, or check out their Citizen’s Guide to Community Development page.

– Last night (8/21) at the Planning Commission (PC) public hearing meeting the proposal was recommended for approval by the PC, thus it moves forward to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) public hearing which will be on Sept. 5th.
Update – 9/26/12 – The BOS approved the proposal on Sept 5th.  I am embedding a link to the  Regents School of Charlottesville BOS Action Letter.
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