Storm Debris

Your Road Committee met recently about a number of subjects (e.g., road repair) and will communicate further details soon.  Meanwhile, the storm gives us an opportunity to raise one of our items now:  Note that we are each responsible for mowing, leaf removal, and debris removal from our properties up to the edge of the road bordering our property.  The Road Fund covers only those areas either in the road (snow, leaves) or in common areas (e.g., in front of the entry sign).

Now that power has been restored in the neighborhood we should each strive to clean up our own area, especially tree trunks and other debris that originated from our property.  We ask that, as a matter of course, you not move debris from your property to the road, or to ditch areas next to the road.  We can understand if you have done so as a temporary measure in this emergency.  But, please, soon, do take steps to have the debris removed.

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